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WorldWind, & Work o' the Weavers
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WE'RE STILL HERE follows the success of Work o' the Weavers' 2004 'Live in Concert' CD. Whereas 'Live In Concert' was distilled from Work o' the Weavers' performances that employ an edifying narrative interwoven among the beloved familiar songs to place them in historical and social context, WE'RE STILL HERE takes the next logical step, combining a number of Weavers evergreens with newer songs The Weavers might be singing today. Some are originals, some borrowed from friends, and a couple are by former Weavers themselves. All work together to create an amalgam underscoring the musical capabilities and direction of Work o' the Weavers as something much more than simply a tribute band, but rather a group intent on picking up the torch and carrying on the musical tradition and intentionality The Weavers originated a half-century ago.

The 16 songs are: If I Had a Hammer, Red Goes the Vine/In Dead Earnest, I Never Will Marry, Da'una Na'eesh, In Jerusalem, Long Time Gone (Huddie Ledbetter Was a Helluva Man), Healing River, Aweigh Santy Anno, Wasn't That a Time!, We're Still Here, One Percent Phosphorus, The Lost Banjo, Shabat Shalom, I Am a Seed of Peace, Long Way to the Graveyard, and My Peace.


"Warm, rich voices, with harmonies which capture the original sound of the Weavers in almost eerie fashion. An excellent CD." 
— John McLaughlin, Host, Roots & Wings (WMUC 88.1 FM, College Park, MD)

"A thrilling trip in time. I will never be able to experience the excitement of the original group who shaped the direction of American folk music, but Work o' the Weavers is the next best thing. The musicianship and songs on 'We're Still Here' continues the musical and humanitarian tradition that, I believe, would make the original Weavers proud."
— Michael Stock, 'Folk & Acoustic Music" (WLRN, Miami FL)

"The music is both a stunning tribute to the older group's style and a demonstration of their own talent for harmony singing and song composition. The work is wonderfully faithful to the spirit of the Weavers and one is transported back to the vibrancy and passion of that group's music. But the Work o' the Weavers' singing and playing impresses because of its own merits; they have an innocence and exuberance all too rare in music today. Thoroughly recommended!"
— Arthur Elliott, Sidestream, Radio 99.7 Brisbane, Australia

"I particularly enjoy playing Work o' the Weavers for my listeners. It's hard to find good traditional folk music, and Work o' the Weavers do it right."
— Rae Rice,"Wild Rice" Radio Show, WVEW, Brattleboro VT

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With special guest appearances by Pete Seeger & Fred Hellerman

Enjoy songs distilled from two live perfomances: New York’s Merkin Hall concert to celebrate 35 years of Robert Sherman’s "Woody’s Children" radio program–where they were introduced by Pete Seeger; and their Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse concert–the venue founded by Pete some 16 years earlier–where they were joined onstage by Fred Hellerman for the singing of "Goodnight Irene".

The Songs: When The Saints Go Marching In, Tzena Tzena, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Wimoweh (Mbube), Poor Howard, Buttermilk Hill, Darling Corey, Sinner Man, Roll On, Columbia, Stayed On Freedom, This Land Is Your Land, If I Had A Hammer, Si Me Quieres Escribir, Because We Share One Planet, Around The World & Goodnight Irene.


"The CD is fantastic! Not only are the memories it evokes so precious and stirring, the music is powerfully and beautifully rendered by the four of you, and gets this non-singer a-singin’. I can't turn it off!"
– Amy Bookbinder, Northampton MA

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HumanaTee™, & Work o' the Weavers

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Our four WeaverWorkers caricatured by renowned political cartoonist Matt Wuerker (The Nation, The Washington Post, The Hightower Lowdown, etc.); 3-colors on Ice Grey superior quality all-cotton shirt. Sizes S-XXL.




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